Hyperhidrosis Remedies to Help You Sweat Less

Learning how to stop excessive sweating is something a lot of hyperhidrosis sufferers want to know how to do. This is because hyperhidrosis is a chronic condition that can be very humiliating to say the least. Everybody knows that it is normal to sweat, but nobody wants to sweat uncontrollably. The most common areas that people experience hyperhidrosis are the underarms, feet, face, and hands.

As you can imagine sweating all the time can have a huge negative impact on the mind state of the person dealing with it daily. This is why it is vital to find effective solutions to at least keep this sweating issue under control. If you suffer from this condition and you’re ready to learn some effective things you can start doing to stop this problem then keep reading. Find out some great tips for preventing sweat by clicking here.

One of the first things you can begin doing to keep this problem under control is to wear clothes that fit you loosely. You want to avoid clothing that fits you too tightly because it can cause you to sweat even more. Wearing camisole that have sleeves can also be effective too because they will help reduce how badly the sweating stains your clothes.

Deodorants and antiperspirants are another great way to stop sweating. These products can be bought over the counter or you can get a prescription for them. Prescription grade antiperspirants and deodorants are definitely more effective than over the counter versions, but they are more expensive. The reason why antiperspirants and deodorants that require prescription are so effective is because they contain aluminum chloride. The aluminum chloride will dry up the area you apply it by preventing moisture from being released from the sweat pores.

Anticholinergic medicines are another very popular and effective way to stop excessive sweating. These medications include benztropine, glycopyrrolate, and oxybutynin. They were originally designed to treat unrelated conditions, but one of the main side effects is the fact that they cause your body to get dried out. With that being said, not only will you stop sweating, but your eyes will get dry, you’ll also experience some blurry eyesight, and you might experience some cramping in your stomach. If you are okay with these side effects then you should definitely give anticholinergic medications a go.

Botox is another way to effectively treat excessive sweating. Also known as botox, this treatment method was originally created for cosmetic reasons. However, over the years doctors realized that compound found in botox injections can actually help stop you from sweating. The only downside to this treatment is the fact that you will have to keep on getting botox injections regularly to keep the sweating under control.

Iontophoresis machines are machines that help you stop sweating excessively by sending shock waves through to the affected area. The shock waves will force your sweat glands to close up, which will make it impossible for sweat to get released by the body. You will need to keep the affected area in the water solution for about ten minutes and allow the electric current to pass through in order for it to be effective. This treatment method is often used for the feet, but if you get certain pads you can use this treatment on other areas too like your underarms.


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