How To Get Rid of Sweating Problems

Overactive sweat glands are something that plenty of people have these days. Those that have overactive sweat glands sweat more than 3 x the average joe does. When you sweat a lot more than you have to it can be really humiliating, even though it’s very vital for your body to sweat once in a while.

The medical name for irregular sweating is hyperhidrosis and the feet, head, and armpit area are usually affected by this problem. The simplest things such as shaking someone’s hands could make you and the other person feel uneasy, as your hands are wet from sweating too much. When a person sweats a lot it can surely cause a lot of difficulties. Bacterial infections and other sort of infections are also more likely due to hyperhidrosis.

Keeping this condition under control can be done pretty effortlessly by doing some of the things highlighted below.

1. Anticholinergic drug

The sweat glands are activated by a chemical called acetylocholine, which can be impeded by this drug. However, in order to see good results you are going to probably have to wait up two weeks when it comes to excessive sweating.

The downside to taking this drug is the fact that you might experience side effects such as blurred vision, a lack of taste in your mouth, and dry mouth. Also, this isn’t a great solution for you if you’re somebody who works outdoors or if you’re an athlete. It’s critical to remember that your body needs to sweat to live.

2. Botox

Excessive sweating can certainly be treated by Botox, as the FDA authorizes it. Those experiencing excessive sweating that have tried using antiperspirants that didn’t work for them will find botox very helpful. A chemical within your nervous system that activates the sweating within your body is what it obstructs.

Going to your doctor regularly is required with this treatment method. Seven to sixteen months is the length of time the whole treatment will require. However, excessive underarm sweating is what this treatment is usually used for. For more on botox as treatment for excessive sweating check out this site.

3. Iontophoresis

With regards to iontophoresis, it can be utilized for either the feet or hands. Blocking the flow in your sweat is what this machine does. Expect to go through 5 to 10 different sessions when you utilize this treatment method. A maintenance schedule will also be necessary. The multiple sessions are so that the treated areas continue being dry.

It’s vital to note that pacemakers and epilepsy sufferers shouldn’t go through with this treatment.

4. Antiperspirant

Antiperspirant helps you quit sweating by plugging up the sweat gland ducts in the armpit. Out of all the treatments we mentioned here, this is the cheapest one to take advantage of. Chances are your doctor will give you an aluminum chloride based antiperspirant if OTC products don’t work. The doctor prescribed antiperspirants are wonderful for dealing with hyperhidrosis that is mild.

Sometimes prescription antiperspirants can cause skin irritation so you need to be careful any time you use it. To be able to keep away from irritation of the skin you ought to wash it off the moment you awaken in the morning.

Bear in mind all antiperspirants are not able to remove the smell that sweating causes. Therefore, it’s best to find something that will work as both a deodorant and antiperspirant.


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